LAH Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen remodeling is one of the priciest home improvement projects. So some homeowners might choose kitchen cabinet refacing instead of full kitchen remodeling to reduce costs. When you choose LAH Kitchen Cabinets services for cabinet refacing, you get a fresh new look without spending a fortune. The cabinet refacing process includes installing new drawer fronts and cabinet doors, then covering the existing cabinet boxes with a veneer to match them. Use our cabinet refacing service to go a step beyond redooring. Get a “new kitchen” look without a “new kitchen” timeline—often in a couple of days. 

Many homeowners aim to update the kitchen cabinets when they remodel their kitchen. Dated, worn cupboards can make the entire space look old and ugly. Kitchen Cabinet refacing is a great option to change the entire feel of a kitchen by refacing your kitchen cabinet doors while you save time and money. Some of our clients do not want to demolish their old kitchen cabinets especially if they are functioning well. Instead, they use our cabinet refacing to upgrade and update their kitchen. You get new door and drawer fronts, hinges, and hardware when you reface your cabinets. It is like the cabinet skeleton is getting new skin.


Each kitchen cabinet project is unique. So the best way to find out the exact pricing for your kitchen is to get in contact with us for an in-home estimate in Los Angeles, California.

LAH Kitchen Cabinets uses only solid wood for all of our kitchen cabinet doors. They offer a variety of colors, wood species, and cabinet faces. 

Firstly, draw a rough outline of your kitchen. Then, measure the walls. Continue by adding in doorways, doors, and windows. Make sure to add in any obstructions such as plumbing, pipes, radiators, and their measurements. Finally, add in the existing location of kitchen cabinetry, and appliances, and their measurements. 

Almost finished the installation of our new kitchen cabinets. LAH Kitchen Cabinets did a great job from start to finish. Their team helped us get exactly what we wanted. They have a team of highly creative people who also provide great customer service. 
Nora L.
Very pleased with our choice to use LAH Kitchen Cabinets for our kitchen cabinet remodel. Every step was quick and easy, from design to order to installation. Thank you for making our new kitchen a very bright and comfy spot in our home!
Daniel S.
Just had our kitchen cabinets installed and we are so impressed with their quality. We have had a couple of houses and many kitchens over the years and these are the best cabinets we have ever ordered.
Vika S.
IT specialist